Fall Essentials by Danae

Here are some of my favorite things for fall,for the new season,for the beginning of the best season of the year!
Some are old and some new,
they are nothing special but they are the things I use everyday,the things I can't wait to wear and the ones I carry with me all day or have home to relax.

So what you see are my Zara glasses,perfect,new,kinda cateye and my simple glasses which I bough cause what I said when I first wore them was that my mood's getting better when I wear them.That was cool.
Then you have my favorite little make up thingys.
It may not be an essential actually,but I certainly respect this corner of my room where I catch myself stare too many times for no reason.It relaxes me for some reason.Plus this candle,oh my god,with the hazelnut touches,I mean...yeah.
This notebook I got it before summer in a local store,I love notebooks,nothing more needs to be said.I have too many thoughts.
For the long distances I can't bear,I always have my headphones -these are the Sony MDR-ZX310 and one book I just bought and can't wait to read,yes it's this one-Freud's "The poet and the fantasy".
Zara jacket which I just cannot wait to put on me and these little badass shoes,also from Zara,last season,don't judge.
Well for real,these are not the classic fashion essentials and certainly they don't usually come with this huge description but hey I wanted to share with you my favorite things for the new season!
This one comes with my favorite playlist currently https://play.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/5tw6p4DQ3A0vX4TtT9uYHH

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